To help agencies get started on using AASHTOWare Bridge Management Software, the Task Force and Contractor have produced several tools to assist with orientation and answering questions. There are videos available on our youtube channel, documentation within the software, and you can always contact us to obtain additional information.

The BrM YouTube channel has a variety of videos on BrM, including patch release overviews, details on new enhancements, and past webinars. The channel is actively being updated – Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date.

Help can also be found by clicking on the question mark icon in the top right corner of any page within BrM. The User Guide can be viewed by selecting “Web Help” from the top left menu. This guide contains basic details for every page and controls in the software, as well as Appendix A which gives an overview of the optimization process, and Appendices B and C which give a guided walk-through of running a program optimization.

Starting with BrM version 6, there is an extensive Technical Manual available to AASHTO agencies which license BrM. This manual provides greater detail about the behind the scenes processes and calculations and processes to fully inform the BrM users. The Technical Manual also covers installation details, orientation to the database and the optimization process.

All licensed agencies can also send at least one user to the annual User Group Meeting, where best practices are discussed with all agencies. You can also contact other agencies through the BrM User Facebook page.