Update for the 2015 User Group Conclave.


The 2015 BrM User Group Conclave.xlsx is a listing of the tasks and priorities the users would like the TaskForce and Bentley to focus on moving forward with the BrM development. This was created at the 2015 BrMUG in Park City Utah.


AASHTOWare Bridge Management Task Force’s initiative to fund the incorporation of tunnel inventory and inspection data into the Bridge Management (BrM) system’s multiple asset framework.


This document describes the adjustment to the usage of globally unique identifier (GUID) in BrM software, and walks through the process of adjustments for existing constraints to the new database structure.


With the release of 5.2.2, the BRKEY field in the INSPEVENT table is no longer populated when a new inspection is created. The below triggers will add back in the functionality of BRKEY being populated upon the creation of a new inspection.


The Element Migrator tool is used to migrate your Pontis Core elements to the National Bridge Elements standard. The latest version of the tool is available below. To download previous versions of the Migrator tool please go here. A training video on AASHTO’s Element Migrator can be found on our Training page. To request the latest version of the AASHTOWare Bridge Management software please email or visit the contact page.

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