5.2.1 Service Pack 2 64-bit Release

Published on: February 5, 2015

The AASHTOWare Bridge Task Force is pleased to announce the release of AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.2.1 SP2. This version is a comprehensive service pack release, including all updates and revisions from previous full releases and service packs.  It is a separate, full-installation package that will replace any previous version that you may have installed.

5.2.1 SP2 fully incorporates the FHWA Bridge Element validation checks and file submittal for the April 2015 submission, and has been extensively tested against the FHWA validation checking website.  SP2 also includes an upgrade to Crystal Reports 2013, and AASHTO will provide a single Crystal Reports license key free for a licensed agency to use.  If you would like to receive your agency’s license key, please email Bentley at

The enterprise version of SP2 has been upgraded to be 64 bit compatible, which will provide some minor speed improvements, but most noticeably an increased level of stability for agencies that have a significant number of concurrent users in BrM.  There is a 32 bit version of SP2 Enterprise that is available upon agency request, however we would encourage all agencies to use the 64 bit version whenever possible. The workstation version of SP2 is still installed as a 32 bit application, however all functionality is mirrored between the enterprise and workstation versions.

All active licensees can download the software electronically from our secure FTP site or request a DVD be mailed out to them. Please contact us at to request the electronic download or DVD.

The following are the highlights of the new features of AASHTOWare Bridge Management 5.2.1 SP2:

  • FHWA Bridge Element submission and validation checks
  • Upgrade to the latest version of Crystal Reports (2013)
  • Enterprise version of SP2 has been upgraded to be 64 bit compatible
  • Specific TAG identified upgrades, enhancements, and stabilizations to the product

**There are several known potential issues that are outside the control of the BrM product and installation within the SP2 release:

  • If you have a version of Oracle prior to 11GR2 version 4, there is a known 64 bit ODBC Oracle bug.  You will likely *not* be able to login to the BrM application, until you have it patched.  Depending on which specific version of Oracle you have, the Oracle patchset is different.  Please email Bentley at for any questions.
  • Please ensure that your web server ODBC driver matches your Oracle version (e.g. 11GR2 ODBC driver connecting to a 11GR2 database). You  may not be able to login if these do not match, your may notice sporadic issues in various aspects of the software.
  • The new Crystal Reports 2013 runtime should install correctly, however if you notice ‘log4net’ errors when you try to run a Crystal Report, you will need to install the runtimes separately.  Please email Bentley at and the contractor can walk you through the process.
  • When attempting to add multiple work candidates to a bridge in rapid succession, you will notice an error.  To work around this known issue… after you create a work candidate, you will simply need to select another work candidate from the grid, prior to creating another.  (this errorhas been fixed and addressed in 5.2.2).

Any further questions, concerns, or problems can be addressed by emailing Bentley at, or directly through JIRA at

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