Product Update

Published on: November 6, 2013

The following Task Force product update is provided to keep all AASHTOWare Bridge Management Software (Pontis) users apprised of recent activity related to the development of the software. The Task Force is committed to providing these quarterly updates to help improve communication between the Task Force and those interested in the product.

2013 BrM User Group Meeting

The Task Force would like to thank all of those involved in the successful 2013 Bridge Management (BrM) User Group meeting. There were nearly 100 attendees in Portland. A variety of presentations were given that covered an area of key topics. These included:

  • Updates from the Task Force, AASHTO Staff, and FHWA
  • Individual TRT group summaries
  • Demonstration and overviews of BrM versions 5.1.3 and 5.2.1 along with plans for 5.2.2
  • Oregon DOT discussion on the implementation of 5.1.3 with data migration NBEs
  • Presentations on AASHTO National Bridge Elements and MAP-21
  • User meeting to compile a list of key requests and needs for the task force consideration

Most of the presentations are now available in on the BrM user group website in the user forums section. We encourage all users to attend next year’s meeting in South Dakota.

Technical Review Team (TRT) and Technical Advisory Group (TAG)

The Technical Review Team and Technical Advisory Group are key components in the development and roll out of the next generation bridge management software. The Task Force would like to thank each member of these teams for their contributions to the product. Many of the TRT members were asked to present the aspects of the development that they have been working on. This segment of the meeting was very well received.

Based on feedback at the User Meeting, the Task Force has re-established the Database TAG. Todd Thompson has offered to be the Task Force liaison to this TAG. The Database TAG will begin their efforts by reviewing the proposed changes to the element inspection storage areas and will be on the ground floor in evaluating any project analysis and tracking changes.

The Task Force also established a TAG that will review the way inspection dates are handled by the software and make recommendations for possible improvements. Eric Christie is heading up the TAG for the Task Force.

AASHTO Bridge Management version 5.2.1 Update

BrM 5.2.1 was released for beta testing on September 30th. This new version will provide significant major features and capabilities as the next generation bridge management software. Some of the features included in 5.2.1 include:

  • Support of new 2013 AASHTO National Bridge Elements
  • Ability to create bridge analysis groups
  • Multi-Objective Analysis with (Condition, Risk, and Mobility)
  • Google Maps Integration
  • New User Manuals
  • Performance enhancements over 5.1.3

Members of the Beta TAG will be performing in-depth testing in Pittsburgh the week of October 21st. The Task Force will evaluate the status of the testing and make necessary adjustments as we go through this extensive testing period.

Task Force Meeting Update

The Task Force continues to hold regular in-person and webinar meetings as we work to advance the AASHTO Bridge Management product for the users. The next in-person meeting will be held in early November with bi-weekly webinars being held on an ongoing basis.

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