5.1.3 Service Pack 1 Release

Published on: August 9, 2013

AASHTOWARE Bridge Management 5.1.3 Service Pack 1 (SP1) is available for distribution with this update. SP1 was recognized as a necessary patch to 5.1.3 as it fixes two critical bugs:

  • SP1 fixes a bug related to NBI fields that had values entered that exceed the cap instated by the NBI coding guide. (e.g. clearance fields with values over 99.99 meters). This cap is now working correctly for the FHWA tape submission and the sufficiency rating calculation. Please note that this will affect all users with any previous release of Pontis 5.X, if they have values entered over the FHWA cap.
  • SP1 also fixes a critical bug that occurs on element inspections with agencies that use an Oracle database, that also have spaces to the left of their BRKEY in the database, e.g. _______1234’.

Current licensees may request copies of 5.1.3 SP1 via electronic download and/or on DVD disk by emailing or submitting a help ticket within JIRA.

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