Task Force Announcement

Published on: November 26, 2012

AASHTO and Bentley Systems have agreed to extend AASHTOWare Bridge Management Software with Bentley’s InspectTech modules.  Click here to read the official press release concerning this.

Software Branding

AASHTO recently introduced their new software branding plan. The implementation will roll out into the software products over the next year. The most visible aspects of this effort will be a renaming for the Pontis product to AASHTO Bridge Management or BrM for short, new web site and a splashy new logo. Just remember BrM = Pontis.

Bentley Strategic Memorandum of Understanding In November Chief executives from AASHTO and Bentley Systems (our developer) signed a MOU to partner together to offer services and AASHTO BrM content not currently available to users. Under the terms of the MOU, AASHTO and Bentley Systems will work together to improve the AASHTO core inspection module and to provide optional “ala carte” inspection module content developed by Bentley that will “plug into” AASHTO BrM. Additionally, Bentley Systems and AASHTO will work together to offer a web hosting for agencies interested in this optional service. Agencies will be able to acquire these modules and services via AASHTO. More details will be forthcoming in the spring of 2013.

Pontis User Group Meeting
The AASHTO Bridge Management (formally Pontis) annual user group meeting was held on September 11th and 12th in New Orleans. The annual training was attended by 96 users from all over the United States. The meeting was a huge success thanks to Scott Choate and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development.

AASHTO Bridge Management Technical Review Team (TRT)
The kick off meeting for the AASHTO BrM (Pontis) 5.2 Project Technical Review Team was held the day after the Annual User Training. The TRT members will participate in the BrM 5.2 design and development process to ensure that the 5.2 product meets the needs of the states participating in the solicitation. TRT members were provided background information on the project and the team members were divided into working groups to tackle specific implementation tasks. Since the kick off meeting, the TRT has conducted two web conferences in addition to lots of work and communications between TRT task group members.

AASHTO Bridge Management (BrM) 5.1.2
AASHTO Bridge Management Version 5.1.2 was released in May of 2012. The software features support for the new AASHTO elements and support for XML file import and export. This is the most recent production release of BrM.

AASHTO Bridge Management (BrM) 5.1.3
AASHTO Bridge Management Version 5.1.3 is currently being tested by the testing Technical Advisory Group (TAG). Version 5.1.3 will extend the implementation of the new AASHTO elements by providing support for the AASHTO Migrator. The AASHTO Migrator and BrM 5.1.3 work together to facilitate “converting” legacy elements into the new AASHTO elements and satisfying the element collection requirements of MAP-21.

Version 5.1.3 will also feature the risk assessment framework. This new risk framework will allow agencies to begin to define various bridge risks such as scour and seismic vulnerabilities. The risk framework was planned for the first phase of version 5.2 but the delivery has been accelerated into version 5.1.3 to better meet the risk based performance management requirements of MAP-21.

Verison 5.1.3 will also address a number of priority items identified by our Users Group at the Annual Training in September. The following is a listing of the improvements that will be included in version 5.1.3:

  • Dramatically increased speed improvements when generating Crystal reports
  • Enhanced Crystal reports security
  • The ability to turn off tool tips (pop up help when you hover with a mouse) or set a delay time for them to pop up.
  • The apply button has been eliminated from the desktop. Just check the box now,
  • Improvements to the database upgrade scripts to address feedback from users.
  • Storage of load rating factors or load ratings in tons in separate fields with associated logic to use them in NBI file generation.

The release date of BrM 5.1.3 is contingent on the ongoing testing, however is expected in January or February of 2013.

AASHTO Migrator
The AASHTO Bridge Management testing TAG has been working with the Migrator rules set and has recommended several changes that will improve the migration process. When this new rule set is available, the new version will be posted on the product web site for download. We will make an announcement when the new version is available on the web site.

Web Training
The next web training will focus on the use of the AASHTO Element Migrator. This training will be recorded and posted on the training page.

AASHTO Element Inspection Manual
Task Force members are working diligently with AASHTO T-18 and FHWA staff to produce an update to the current AASHTO Guide Manual for Bridge Element Level Inspection version 1. The updated manual will address a number of comments received to date and to accommodate changes necessary to incorporate results into the National Bridge Inventory. This is an important implementation step for the element inspection requirements contained in MAP-21. The proposed changes are planned to go for vote at the AASHTO Sub-Committee on Bridges and Structures meeting in June of 2013.

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